Turbo Kits

Double your HORSEPOWER!

The Polaris Ranger RZR turbo kit is easy to recognize with the intercooler supported on the cage of the vehicle. This allows for plenty of airflow over the core for efficient cooling. The intake is raised even higher for a fresh clean air intake. With an astounding 75-80 rear wheel horsepower, you won't be disappointed.

This kit is designed to run on Premium pump gas at 11 PSI of boost pressure. The extra fuel is delivered by a secondary injector and a proprietary EFI control module. The stock compression is lowered by the installation of a base shim. The entire intake system up to the throttle body is replaced as well as the entire exhaust system from the head out.

MC Xpress kits include a unique TCV. This turbo control valve automatically increases turbo pressure with an increase in elevation to maintain sea level horsepower.

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